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Check out the advantages of Total Express express delivery

Mar 08, 2021

Check out the advantages of Total Express express delivery

The company’s solution has greater coverage in up to two days in Brazil


With the growth of e-commerce, the sophistication of delivery logistics in the country and the consumer’s habit of increasingly turning to internet shopping, there is a present need nowadays: to receive products purchased online in a shorter delivery time and at a fair price. And the shorter the delivery time, the better. Today there are those who choose to pay more for this kind of convenience and agility, and logistics companies have been attentive to this demand. 

To make fast delivery possible, the carriers already have operations with a high degree of rigor, capillarity, and complexity. The case of Total Express, a private company with the most complete logistics portfolio in the country, is significant in this context: it has today its Total Express, the company’s fastest delivery modality, with a deadline between 24 and 48 hours maximum. 

The company has the largest scope of deliveries in up to two days in Brazil, serving from more than 10 different origins, that is, 10 distribution centers spread throughout the country. In all, more than 400 cities with delivery within 48 hours, but the idea is to double the coverage in 2021. “We want to reach a coverage of 800 to 900 cities in Total Expresso this year,” explains Marcelo Akabane dos Santos, Product Manager of the company. 

“In order for it to be viable and for the consumer to receive the product in one to two days, this operation is, today, permeated by delicate and rigorous processes, from the collection of the order, the handling of the distribution to the delivery to the consumer. From the retailer, the product is collected with the necessary requirements for express delivery on time for dedicated processing at Total and then transferred to the last mile for delivery to the consumer,” explains Akabane. 

To aid the operation, technology is indispensable. Express products are identified with special, intelligent labels to speed up in-hub sorting and classify deliveries quickly and efficiently, improving the SLA (Service Level Agreement), which today averages 99%. 

Total Express is on the rise, in 2020, it was ranked as the fastest growing product in Total Express. For 2021, one of the company’s goals is to position the express delivery solution as an effective and easily accessible product with the retailer.

“People are willing to pay for this specialized service. Total Expresso is a democratic product. Its added value has direct representation in the improvement in the increment of sales volume, satisfaction, and loyalty of the end user, from small retailers to large marketplaces. We are working on the best use of resources and people dedicated to the operation, optimization of the company’s processes, and increment of new technologies,” concludes Akabane.  



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