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Ecosystem Integration brings complete solution in logistics and delivery

Jan 06, 2021

Ecosystem Integration brings complete solution in logistics and delivery

Partners serve SMEs and major players, ensuring economical freight and diverse solutions

The year 2020 was immensely challenging for the consumer, for small entrepreneurs and traders, for carriers and for society in general. The new coronavirus pandemic and the financial crisis it triggered demanded creative responses from businesses. In the logistics and delivery sector, these responses had to be not only smart but agile, taken to the touch of the box, and completely integrated in order to keep pace with a world that is increasingly connected, automated and practical.

For this, Total Express bet on the construction of a network of partners that accompanied and helped consolidate its largest and most solid process of expansion and growth in history. An ecosystem of companies that not only serve the large retail players, but also SMEs (Small and Medium E-commerces), with dynamic and automated solutions.

These are e-commerce platforms, ERPs – Enterprise Resource Planning, hubs and connectors, and logistics gateway companies, which integrate this network and form, in the definition of the Partnership Coordinator of Total Express Silvana Moreno Maschio, “this is the most complete solution, offering efficiency and agility. 

“Total Express integrates with everything that the storekeeper needs, regardless of its size. Today we are talking about partnerships that serve SMEs and big players. Based on this, we have developed integrations with this great ecosystem of partners”. 


The development of this network of partners guarantees relevant benefits to the shopkeepers, such as the automated increase of the freight table of the sellers and collection of orders, facilitating the day to day logistic management of the online stores.

“There is no longer the need for an SME to take the product sold to the Post Office. Total Express is able to do the collection, through integration with partners,” explains Silvana. 

Agility, practicality, process automation and traceability are at the center of this network of benefits that a complete and integrated solution can bring to the shopkeepers. But Total Express wants more.

The idea in 2021 is to expand the ecosystem of services and partners. To do so, a good attraction is the efficiency of e-TOTAL, a freight solution for small and medium e-commerce, in addition to bringing into the private company with the most complete logistics portfolio in the country some of the most innovative and bold platforms of the logistics ecosystem and e-commerce.


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