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Omnichannel solutions promise to revolutionize consumer relationship with e-commerce delivery

Jan 27, 2021

Omnichannel solutions promise to revolutionize consumer relationship with e-commerce delivery

PUDO, Lockers and Shipping From Store are strategic solutions in the scope of expansion and innovation of Total Express


Imagine being able to send or receive an order in a bakery or neighborhood business quickly and safely? Or living in a restricted delivery area, where logistics operations rarely arrive, and being able to pick up a package in cabinets located at the nearest subway station? 


These are some of the omnichannel solutions that Total Express, a private company with the most complete logistics portfolio in the country, has been implementing and expanding, thinking about 2021 and 2022. 


But first, what are omnichannel solutions in this context? Total’s Product Manager, Ronaldo Cameschi, explains. “They are delivery solutions that make it possible to integrate the online and physical store, besides other points of the physical commerce that are accessible to the consumers as a withdrawal point. In short, it is the union of all channels breaking the barrier between the on and offline world”.  


In this context of offering the best shopping experience for the customer (at the site, application or physical store), Total Express has been developing, improving and expanding at least three omnichannel solutions that promise to revolutionize the relationship that the consumer has with the deliveries and retail. Get to know them:




The first one is the PUDO (Pick Up & Drop Off) concept, one of the most recent innovations of the Brazilian e-commerce and that at Total Express has been developed for some time. The service allows that a certain product be delivered through collection points spread all over Brazil, which can be from a bakery to a newsstand, for instance.


“We offer a new delivery option for the consumer who is not at home or can’t receive an order because he lives in a risk area. He chooses a point, such as a bakery or trade, to withdraw”, explains Cameschi. 


These points or commercial establishments are negotiated through partnerships. The main one is Pegaki, which provides about a thousand collection points all over the country. “For 2021 onwards, we will implant the reverse logistics (exchange or return of products) in PUDO. The consumer will have much more comfort to return a purchase made on e-commerce”, reveals Cameschi. Today, there are already 1200 enabled and active points and one of the company’s focus in 2021 is to develop even more this area.




Another omnichannel solution that has everything to give you what to talk about in 2021 is Total Locker, or electronic closet. Quite widespread in the USA and Europe, the lockers are automated and work 24 hours a day and seven days a week so that the consumer can pick up his order at the most convenient time. In Brazil, however, this solution still crawls. 


Total Express has signed a partnership with InPost and Clique Retire that have already spread lockers through the axis RJ x SP, of easy access to the final consumer. These are strategic points that add values both for Total Express and partners.


“The locker is an advance in relation to PUDO, because we entered a model with fully automated operation”, says Cameschi. “The consumer can choose the locker closest to the work, of its daily itinerary, to collect an order”.


Shipping From Store


A third solution that Total Express has developed already represents an immense logistic evolution for the Brazilian e-commerce. It is Shipping From Store, which transforms the physical store into a distribution point, where the local stock is used to supply online orders, decentralizing the operation of retail storage. During the pandemic, this was the product that grew the most at Total Express, given the strong change in concept of the physical store.


“When a store offers a product on the site, you buy it and then it will be subtracted from a certain stock. The Shipping From Store logistics solution allows Total Express to receive this order and fulfill it in a flexible and automated way, collecting the orders locally. This allows the shipper to decentralize its inventories, placing them at the retail edge and giving them an increasing flow. This enhances e-commerce at a time when it is growing so much,” explains Cameschi.


To attend Shipping From Store, Total Express developed an app that receives the virtual retail orders in several locations and origins, and allows the shipper to follow the collection in real time. For 2021, the idea is to develop and expand even more the solution to more cities in Brazil, so that it can continue helping the virtual retail players, this segment that is growing in sight.

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