e-Total - Solução de frete para o pequeno e médio e-commerce



e-TOTAL is the freight solution for small and medium e-commerce, with the best cost-benefit in the market.

We serve the entire national territory, with 2,300 municipalities directly and the rest via dispatch. There are more than 100 regional Last Mile structures to ensure that your online store have access in all regions of the country. With no minimum volume for collection requests, we have the flexibility to support any online store sizes. Best of all, the collection is free! The solution offers more agility for your day-to-day: requesting your collection until 11 am, Total Express collects on the same day. After this time, we collect the next weekday. All orders are 100% insured, so you don't have to worry about loss and theft.

In addition to all this, e-TOTAL has integration with the main sales platforms, ERPs and marketplace integrators. Online tracking is another differential, as it allows both the shopkeeper and the customer to follow the process. The request for collections, simulation of freight costs, operational dealings, performance monitoring and financial reporting will be available online and can be accessed simply and quickly.

Be an e-TOTAL customer and deliver your orders with security, agility, and traceability. Get to know the characteristics of orders allowed in e-TOTAL:

- Maximum dimensions: 1.20m X 0.80m X 0.60m 60m
- Weight up to 30Kg

The collection is currently available for most zip codes in Greater São Paulo and Greater Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Vitória, Porto Alegre, Sorocaba, Londrina, Blumenau, Rio do Sul, Jaraguá do Sul, São Bento, Joinville, Itajaí , São José and Palhoça.

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Total offers quality and agility for your logistics!


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