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Total Express joins movement to donate face Shields to heath care professionals to combat Covid-19

Maio 29, 2020

Total Express joins movement to donate face Shields to heath care professionals to combat Covid-19

Led by Abinfer, the compaing bring together more than 20 companies and aims to target 1 million masks for hospitals across Brazil.

Em uma iniciativa complementar às ações sociais que a Total Express vem participando nos últimos meses, a empresa, mais uma vez, em um gesto solidário, se juntou a um grupo de empresas para a produção máscaras do tipo “face shield”. Os equipamentos individuais que são utilizados no combate da Covid-19 serão doados a hospitais de todo o Brasil.

In a initiative complementary to the social actions taht Total Express has been participating in the last months, the company, once again, in a gesture of siolidarity, joined a group of companies fot the production of “face shield” masks. The individual equipment that is udes to combat Covid-19 will be donated to hospitals across the Brazil.

Liderada By the Associação Brasileira da Industria de Ferramentais (Abinfer), the initiative has the participation of companies such as the online print, Print and academic entities from the State of São Paulo, such as the Centro Universitário FEI ans the University of Vale do Paraiba (UniVap). To manufacture the masks, Total Express will donate 7 thousand plates for production, in addition to supporting the logistics of collecting and delivering the equipment.

“Total Express made the decision to participate in the moviment as a way to contribute in a structured way to this battle against the pandemic. We know the importance o four segment in this very challenging moment, so, in addition to ensuring safe delivery, it is our commitment to assist in the health of the entire population”, said Eduardo Peixoto, comercial diretor at Total Express.

Facial protections are parto f the PPE used by professionals in hospital units globally. Its use protects the face of doctors and nurses by preventing droplets of patients’ saliva from reaching it during care, especially in áreas such as the mouth, eyes and nose. Because it is a reused item, as lomg as it properly sanitized, the donated facial protectors are essential to help combat COVID-Q19 in the country.

No production processo f the masks, the mold is left to Usifer, while Panasonic, Teknia and Pecval supply a resin. Poloni takes care of the injection, while Autimax, JVS, Unimaq, FEI and UniVap are unique as transparente plates. Universities are also responsible for cutting the plates, together with na SRT ans a Printi, wich allocated part of the operation just for this job. Genec and Emax provide the elastics, and packaging from Comfitas, Fina Estética, Slotter, Tanby and Tarzia. The transportation will be carried out by Total Express, wich also donated plates.

The goal of the movement headed by ABinfer is to donate 1 million masks. In addition to the efforts of companies in a favor of this cause, families from Vale do Paraíva, a region taht includes cities in the interior of São Paulo, such as Jacareí, São José dos Campos and Taubaté, offered to help with the assembly of the masks and are already taking part the job.


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