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Total Regional: learn about Total Express’s multi-connected operation

Jan 27, 2021

Total Regional: learn about Total Express’s multi-connected operation

Strategic segment ensures capillary and decentralized logistics and delivery all over Brazil


Until a short time ago, the logistics of online retailing worked in the following way: a consumer from the interior of Paraná was buying a product in an e-commerce in Curitiba-PR and the product needed to “travel” to Sao Paulo to be separated and consolidated, only then to be sent to its consumer. To make all this journey to return to the same region where it came from is a process of the e-commerce carriers nothing practical and, mainly, slow and expensive for the final client.

Procedures like this made the logistics and delivery companies bet on more agile and regionalized operations. Total Express believed in this and went further. Looking outside the Rio-SP axis, expanding capillarity, greater reach and shorter delivery time were some of the pillars that drove the expansion strategy to increase SLA (Service Level Agreement) and cost-benefit for customers, in a segment of Total that tripled in size in 2020. The volume of deliveries and regional agents quadrupled and became the driving force of an increasingly local and regionalized logistics service.


What is it?


To understand this operation, it is first crucial to understand that this segment is at the center of the private company’s expansion strategy with the most complete logistics portfolio in the country. “Although the e-commerce consumption potential is still concentrated in the South and Southeast regions, when we look at the distribution of shippers there is a gigantic track to go through in other regions, and the decentralized collection allows us to increase the capillarity of our delivery coverage,” says Regional Sales Manager Marcus Vinicius Tadim.

And those who travel this immense track are the commercial agents, who foster new operations and prospect new customers all the time, acting as extensions of the company in the four corners of this continental country. Today, there are about 30 such professionals spread throughout Brazil, four times more than in early 2020.


Evolution in 2020


The bet on this segment is reflected in the numbers. “We will close the year with a growth of approximately 170% in relation to 2019 and about 800 new clients”, says the Product Manager Fernando de Azevedo. 

The year 2020 counted with a very deep expansion in the segment. “There were 25 new bases able to collect and process orders, a dedicated service structure for customers and processing bases, an increase in transfer trucks in the southern mesh and the creation of four new regional meshes, with an average decrease of two days in delivery time, and in some destinations we reduced the delivery time by more than 4 days,” reveals Azevedo, reinforcing the improvement in freight for e-commerce. “All this mesh demanded months of planning and operationalization, involving practically all areas of Total”.

As the year 2020 was atypical, Total needed to accelerate its regional attendance plans. “The pandemic brought many new clients to the e-commerce universe, and not necessarily concentrated in the RJ-SP axis. Therefore, the regional expansion is fundamental, including reducing the delivery time for the final consumer,” explains Tadim.


Goals for this year


For 2021, Total Express has new “tracks” to follow with the decentralized service: ten new regions will be operated by commercial agents. Brasília, Goiânia and Cuiabá are among them, as part of the expansion of the Midwest network. Another 15 new order collection and processing bases are planned, as well as the increase in the number of commercial agents. After all, the lanes in Brazil are giants and it is necessary a lot of sole to go through them entirely.


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