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Unleashing nodes in the logistics operation of e-commerce: learn about Fulfillment

Jan 26, 2021

Unleashing nodes in the logistics operation of e-commerce: learn about Fulfillment

The outsourcing process of the e-commerce logistics operation is one of Total Express’s trumps for 2021

With the urban population increasingly online and bringing their shopping habits to the virtual environment, e-commerce has been gaining space, breaking records and becoming a protagonist in the consumer market in general. But what many consumers don’t see is that it’s offline that everything happens. We are talking about several processes, from receiving the stock (with piece by piece conference), storage and addressing, handling, packaging and shipping, which make up the logistics operation of small, medium and large companies inserted in the e-commerce. 

Nowadays these steps, which demand fixed operational costs, can already be outsourced resulting in a cheaper and more assertive operation. This is called Fulfillment, a solution that Total Express, a private company with the most complete logistics portfolio in the country, already offers its customers.


What is it? 


Fulfillment is the set of operations and activities that range from receiving the order to delivering the product to the end customer. With Total Fulfillment, a service available to the market today and part of the Total Express ecosystem, you can untie every node in the logistics chain: from goods receipt, real-time inventory, to warehousing, handling, ensuring transparency, visibility, and predictability to the customer, who will have complete information on the stages of operation and SLA. 

With this, e-commerce only needs to worry about customer service, sales strategy, product photos/content and marketing. And, finally, focus on the most important for him: the sales.

“Small and medium e-commerce loses a lot of time with the processes in a general way, for instance, with the picking and packing. With the outsourcing of this logistic operation, we can deliver agility and efficiency making all processes transparent and ruled by SLA, which impacts directly on the consumer experience. With Total Fulfillment, our value proposition is to democratize and make the logistics operation process highly assertive,” explains Ana Maia, Fulfillment Manager at Total Express. 


Less reverse logistics and positive impact on the consumer experience


The solution brings rigorous double-checking processes that reduce by 98% the chance of the product chosen by the consumer to arrive incorrectly (such as size, color, etc.) and drastically lower the incidence of reverse logistics, which impacts directly on the consumer experience. 

There are many check and conference phases in Fulfillment, making the process safer and more technological for all parties involved.


But what about cost?


“Many customers find the outsourced operation expensive, but when you put the tip of the pencil and calculate all costs like water, energy, space rental, and inventory insurance, hiring Fulfillment can generate a 20 to 50% cost reduction,” assures Ana Maia.


Plans for this year


For 2021, the idea of Total Express is to expand Fulfillment by prospecting new potential customers, regional customers, industries and SMEs. 

“The road to travel is long. We receive daily contacts from customers looking for the solution. While we have the operation in progress, we are planning to expand to the main Brazilian cities in 2021. Our proposal as a company is to democratize Fulfillment and deliver a high quality service, increasing our processing share, and complement the services we already deliver, making us the best e-commerce experience ecosystem in Brazil, both in B2C and B2B,” says Ana Maia. 

In the first quarter of the year, the company’s plan is to accelerate the entry of new customers into the product and start the expansion plan to the main cities in Brazil. 


To learn more about Total Fulfillment, just access the link: https://totalexpress.com.br/servicos/total-fulfillment/



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