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Omnichannel in practice: it´s time to integrate all channels!

Mar 07, 2020

Omnichannel in practice: it´s time to integrate all channels!

With the e-commerce evolution, the “new consumer” is also aware of the benefits that the technology brings to your day. Therefore, at any moment, you should hear an omnichannel word, what it actually means?

The term from Latin language is a union of all channels, breaking the barrier between world ON and OFF, with possibilities to offering a complete customer experience, beyond to providing a lot of business possibilities.

There are numerous definitions regarding the term omnichannel, however, the appropriate definition is based on the customers´ best shopping experience, through the channel he wants to be served; whether in the physical or virtual world.

Anyone who believes that the futura of e-commerce is omnichannel is wrong. In fact, the practice has been around for a while, in order to keep up with the trends of the new consumer, who is already in tune with facilities of the digital universe. The consumer, at present, is also already omnichannel, based on the choices he makes when making a purchase, either in person or through an application, in the best possible way.

The Omnichannel is all about thinking in the customer 

When talking about Omnichannel, the focus is just one: Offering the purchase best experience for the customer: on the website, application or physical store, so that he feels comfortable closing the deal, whenever he wants.

Do you want a practical example? José needs to buy a wedding gift, but he can’t wait for the delivery time, as the ceremony will take place next day. With this situation, what to do? He accesses the store application, makes the purchase and when making the payment, he has the possibility to pick up the product at the nearest store. 

Beyond offering this facility, it is necessary to unify this type of communication. That is, the telephonic service, face-to-face or chatbot should be the same information, this may cause a series of problems and, in the future, compromise your sale. 

You have certainly had an experience of this like, receiving update information about your order via WhatsApp, SMS and electronic mail, in a standardized manner. This awakens the consumer´s sense of care with the form of services that transmit security, since he will be sure that this product will arrive within the established deadline.

All the purchase process should be connected with the Omnichannel concept. For this reason, don’t depreciate any step. After all, we talk about a tool who aims to integrate your communication, ensuring a type of experience that exceed the “virtual shopping cart”.

Omnichannel benefits

Differentiating yourself from the competition is a daily strategy. However, it’s important to take into consideration what benefits can be offered, so that he chooses your company. One of them is to approach the customer, through the offer of several purchase channels. Remember that praticity is the way for this relationship to be strengthened, as the consumer establishes a bond with your brand, and consequently, recommends it to other people.

Another related benefit about omnichannel is the assertive sales strategy design. With a possibility of several purchase sales é possible to analyze since preference, purchase historical, channel analyze, product mix and, with this, design the new marketing campaign.

How can I apply the Omnichannel concept?

Agora que você já sabe sobre o conceito Omnichannel e o quanto é necessário a integração das áreas da empresa, é hora de colocarmos em prática!

Now you know about the omnichannel concept and how it is necessary to integrate different company areas, it is time to put into practice!

First of all, keep in mind that the initial steps in that all channels must be integrated, so that in addition to the purchase they can inform the payment status, delivery and resolve any doubts related to the product, aligned to the visual of all platforms that need to talk to each other.

This involves offering practicity to the customer, whether to receive the product in home or withdraw in a store. The transit of the customer between an area and others needs to occur without barriers. However,  don’t impose difficulties for him purchase only for the internet, physical store or vice-versa.

But, for that omnichannel process really works, the logistic operation should be aligned with the concept. After all, the delivery is a crucial point for the business success.

The omnichannel logistics é an important step for all processes, because the clients seek for product deliveries in the shortest possible time. And the requirements don’t stop there: It’s necessary a detailed study to understand what modality fits your business.

The Pudo concept (Pick Up & Drop Off) is an innovation of Brazilian E-commerce. The service allows that the product be delivered through the collection points scattered throughout Brazil, that be since a locker until a newsstand, for example.

The lockers or electronics cabinets are automatized and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the consumer can seek your order at the most convenient time.

The modality shipping from store is also a part of omnichannel strategy that transforms the physical store into a distribution point. Therefore, the local stock is used to supply online orders demands.

That is, instead to let every stock concentrate in the same local, the product was distributed in its own physical stores. The consumer chooses to receive your product at home or pick up in the nearest store.

If delivered at home, the chances of having stock at the nearest store streamline the delivery process and cheap freight cost. It sounds simple, doesn´t you? But just a little transportations operates with new concepts. There is a structure that guarantees the fast delivery product, reliably.

In practice, beyond the systemic integration, your logistic partner must count with coverage in national territory, can work in several forms; keep the product store with great demand or take care of all steps that involve delivery.

 In order to put omnichannel, in addition to obtaining the best delivery method, the communication with the consumer needs to be simple, with focus in attention to build customer loyalty and, thus, possibly the better experience based on positive feedback.

The administration and financial sectors needs to be aligned to meet demand quickly, the same should happen with Supply chains. Agility is a crucial point to the Omnichannel concept.


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