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Total Express lists five trends for e-commerce logistics in 2021

Jan 26, 2021

Total Express lists five trends for e-commerce logistics in 2021

Customization and alternative modes of payment are some of the novelties that should shake up virtual retail this year


2021 arrived and with it came new perspectives of trends in e-commerce logistics. After a year of accelerated growth due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the virtual retail needs to resort to new ideas and solutions that give logistical and operational support to the optimistic projections that 2021 reserves. According to Ebit Nielsen, e-commerce in Brazil should evolve 26% in revenue in the year, compared to 2020.

Check some of the trends for e-commerce that Total Express, a private company with the most complete logistics portfolio in the country, has separated:

  • Retention and personalization

Expanding the consumer base in the virtual purchasing universe, the new challenge for shopkeepers and shippers in general will be to keep the customer loyal and to keep him buying. And one of the trumps is the amount of information that can be added about a certain consumer. The personalization of the buying experience is able to create a close and constant relationship with the customer. Online preferences allow a shopkeeper to know how to customize campaigns and offers, and thus deliveries can be customized according to “customer taste”.  At Total Express, the communication channels via website, phone, WhatsApp and Facebook have been expanded, in addition to creating the smart virtual assistance option, with the existence of EVA. Thus, the company began to provide an Omnichannel service that is available and accessible to shipping customers and consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, resulting in more efficient service. Also in this sense of customization, the company has invested in surveys and NPS (Net Promoter Score), to measure the degree of customer satisfaction more accurately.

  • Regionalized Operation

The construction of new Distribution Centers and the employment of freight forwarders in different regions of Brazil will be crucial to lowering freight for e-commerce in 2021. Decentralized operations that reduce cost-effectiveness for customers should be at the center of dealer and carrier strategies. Total Express has already been employing a decentralized expansion strategy to reduce SLA (Service Level Agreement), which should guarantee even more capillarity and decrease delivery times in 2021.

  • Logistics Outsourcing: fulfillment 

For companies, especially SMEs, a key solution to saving by turning fixed costs into variables, and yet having predictability and transparency over processes is the adoption of Fulfillment. It is the outsourcing of the logistic operation, from the reception of the goods to the transportation, passing through the storage and handling, reserving the storekeeper more time and resources for him to think about marketing, online service and sales enhancement. This solution, already offered by Total Express together with companies such as Pier8, is in vogue and should only grow from now on. Totally new solutions in logistics and e-commerce that are here to stay.

  • Technology and interactivity

It is no secret that the use of VR (Virtual Reality) has been increasingly constant in the corporate and technological environment. Stores around the world are still experimenting with this tool and the first tests have already shown that it results, yes, in sales. An example was the virtual dressing rooms created by Nike in the United States. Through the augmented reality, the people get to verify the catalog peaces without needing to go to the physical store. Don’t be scared if more e-commerce companies adhere to this solution to guarantee, through the interactivity technologies already available on the market, an entirely new experience for the buyer.

  • New payment methods and simpler checkout

Every year, new payment solutions, such as digital wallets, are launched on the market. The shopkeeper in e-commerce must always be aware of this kind of trend, so as not to be left behind by offering only bank transfer via boleto. PayPal, PicPay and Apple Pay have already entered the virtual retail market with some consistency. And with the arrival of PIX, the Central Bank solution launched in November 2020, payments have become even more uncomplicated and agile. In this line, it is important that e-commerce platforms also simplify the stage of order completion, the famous check out. By saving the billing and delivery information of each customer, he will not need to enter the data each time he buys digitally. Eliminating checkout steps ensures a better experience for the end consumer.


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