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Total Express reaches historic record on Black Friday 2020

Jan 06, 2021

Total Express reaches historic record on Black Friday 2020

Important date for retail had good numbers in the sector and confirmed consumer’s adaptation to the new reality


In an atypical year, with people fulfilling social isolation and society deeply impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, the shopping dynamics at year-end dates had to adapt and migrate to online. But after Black Friday 2020, the retail sector has plenty of reason to celebrate good news and the rapid adaptation of the consumer to this entirely new reality.

The good performance of this date, one of the peaks of the national e-commerce, was reflected in the numbers that Total Express presents to the market. The company that has the most complete portfolio of logistics solutions in the country and currently serves more than 3,000 customers recorded a record 4 million orders processed in the period of Black Friday, a growth of 120% compared to the same event in 2019. 

For the first time in 27 years of existence, the company reached the historic mark of more than 400 thousand orders processed in a single day, with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) of deliveries of 98%. 

Regarding the transportation team, Total Express used almost 5 thousand trucks in the period, with a structure with more than 6 thousand deliverers.

In addition, 99% of the contact requests were answered in less than 24 hours, and Total Express took the trophy for the best Logistics and Transportation company in the Brazilian market with the award Reclame Aqui.

Good moment for the market

On the retail sector as a whole, the post-Black Friday researches show how the consumer behaved. According to a survey by Itaú bank, for the first time online sales surpassed those of physical stores since the date was incorporated to the national retail calendar 10 years ago. They answered for 50,4% of the traded volume on Friday 30th November. The data takes into account credit card transactions. 

A survey conducted by Neotrust/Compre&Confie, a market intelligence company focused on e-commerce, showed that it was moved $ 7.72 billion in sales in virtual retail between Thursday (11/26) and Monday (11/30), a value 27.66% higher than the one accounted for in the same period last year. It was, no doubt, a positive date for all the e-commerce logistics.


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